3rd Annual Students Vs. Mentors Basketball Game

3rd Annual Students vs Mentors basketball game


Scheidel Prep Club K是通過人類對人類的激勵計劃的海灘棲息地,,en,成績儀式,,en,通過,,en,將於週六舉行,,en,4月28日在,,en,我們很高興歡迎Jeff Tranovich,,en,在兒童和親善行業中的存貨,,en,作為特邀演講嘉賓,,en,所有的歡迎儀式和樂趣之後,,en,儀式結束後,,en,我們的第三屆年度學生vs,,en,導師籃球比賽將開始,,en,觀看我們的學生面對他們的導師,,en,海灘生境工作人員和社區領導,,en,年幼的孩子可以參加踢球比賽,每個人都可以享受美食,,en,冷凍蜂蜜滴頭等等,,en,聯繫Lisa at,,en 12 students living in Beaches Habitat homes. Each quarter, our Education Team collects report cards from participants and awards each student with a monetary incentive for their grades and attendance. Awards are presented at a quarterly ceremony.

The Quarter 3 Ceremony for grades 6 through 12 will take place on Saturday, April 28th at 3 PM. We’re pleased to welcome Jeff Tranovich, of Take Stock in Children and Goodwill Industries, as guest speaker at the event. All are welcome for the ceremony and the fun afterwards!

Following the ceremony, our 3rd Annual Students vs. Mentors basketball game will begin. Watch as our students face off against their mentors, Beaches Habitat staff and community leaders!

Younger children can participate in a kick ball game and everyone can enjoy food, frozen honey drippers and more!

Questions? Contact Lisa at (904) 595-5807.

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