Beaches Habitat for Humanity is actively seeking qualified candidates for the following position:

POSITION DESCRIPTION Click here for a printable PDF
Reports to:Construction Director
Status:Full Time, Permanent, Non-Exempt
Overview:The Construction Manager’s primary objective is to manage the day to day operations of primarily new residential construction including, but not limited to, scheduling of subcontractors, inspections, deliveries (in conjunction with purchasing personnel) and volunteer labor (in conjunction with Community Outreach). The volunteer experience is vital to the function of the organization and therefore this position requires excellent verbal communication skills, a positive attitude and strong awareness of utilizing volunteers’ time efficiently. This position typically manages a team of 3 staff members, overseeing their management of up to 60 志願者. Other duties include managing and fostering relationships with subcontractors, volunteers and Crew Leaders, assisting with building plans and site development, developing construction quality assurance methods to improve long-term products, ensuring positive experiences for volunteers and working closely with Habitat team to build and repair homes. With safety at the forefront of everything done at the organization, it is imperative that this position always be aware of surroundings, quick to respond in the event of an accident and conscious of any unsafe conditions that may arise.
Essential Functions:Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Please note this job description is designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

  • Ability to read & interpret construction building plans, understanding of grading plans and a working knowledge of construction management software.

  • Ability & willingness to work with and teach construction techniques to unskilled volunteers and future homeowners.

  • Collaborate with Construction Site Supervisors and Construction Coordinator to maintain the budgeted building schedule.

  • Project management of each new construction building site to ensure all impacted construction and volunteer parties meet critical project milestones.

  • Work closely with Construction Coordinator to ensure materials are ordered and delivered to site to meet schedule.

  • 確定的方法來簡化和提高施工進度的效率,並為實施或現有系統的修改建議,監.

  • 找准機會來降低建設成本和實物材料捐款納入禮品如果可能的話.

  • 鉛的活動和行為,促進安全人員, 志願者和分包商.

  • 協調社區外展和預算建築進度之間的志願者調度.

  • 提供分包商的領導和管理, 施工現場監事和美國志願隊成員.

  • 協助制定年度建設計劃的編制預算的目的.

  • 在大型志願者活動提供現場監理, 通常在週六,為在非規定時間偶爾救濟施工現場監督員.

  • Conduct homeowner walk-throughs to educate and familiarize the home buyer with the basic functions and maintenance requirements of the home.

  • Participate in daily construction meetings.

  • Order and file paperwork as required throughout the various stages of construction.

  • Communicate important milestones and activities to other departments.

  • Maintain a well-organized trailer and jobsite at all times.

  • Attend and participate in select affiliate events; responsibilities may include set up, cleanup, and engaging with attendees and informing them about the AmeriCorps program, our affiliate’s mission and education programming, and how to become a volunteer and/or home owner.

Supervisory Responsibility:Construction Site Supervisors and subcontractors
Education and Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, equivalent experience considered

  • Minimum of five years rough carpentry or residential construction experience
  1. Framing & Carpentry Skills

  2. CPR & First Aid Certification (will be provided if not current)

  3. 3. OSHA Competent Person 16-hour Certification (will be provided if not current)

  4. Florida Building Codes

  5. Basic Software competency and ability to perform basic tasks on computer and mobile applications.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills

  • Enthusiasm, ability to work on a team and detail oriented

  • Thorough understanding of residential construction practices in Florida

  • Working knowledge of OSHA safety requirements

  • Must possess a passion for Habitat’s mission and purpose

  • Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license with clean driving record

  • Strong knowledge of and experience with carpentry skills for the quality construction of homes from foundation to final finishes is required
Work Environment:The primary location for this position is an active construction site with uneven terrain. 這名員工將在各種天氣的工作,包括室內和室外. 雖然從事這份工作的職責, 該僱員可以週期性地暴露於煙霧或空氣中的顆粒, 移動機械部件和振動. 員工偶爾接觸到各種各樣的施工工地極端條件. 在工作環境和工作場所噪聲電平可以大聲. 該位置附近經常移動的機械部件,並在包括惡劣天氣條件之外工程, 熱量和濕度, 和暴露於灰塵和碎片.

  • Ability to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time, often on rough and uneven terrain

  • Ability to lift at least 50 磅. on a regular basis

  • Ability to work on ladders and heights of up to two-stories

  • 能夠在不同的氣候條件下工作 - 網站通常不會在冬季加熱和夏季並不空調,,en,美國志願國家生活補助,,en,支付在整個,,en,專職服務週,,en,西格爾教育獎,,en,的,,en,服務的成功完成,,en,一生最大的,,en,平價醫療法案符合保健計劃,,en,人居支付每月保費,,en,學生貸款忍,,en,如果符合條件,,en,兒童保健福利,,en,個人/病假,,en,假期,,en,會員援助計劃,,en,地圖,,en, - 提供免費服務,,en,如諮詢和財務規劃資源,,en,培訓和交流機會,,en,一些旅行需要,,en,現在網上申請,,en,查看,,en,優點總結,,en

  • 良好的手巧 (手, 手手臂, 兩隻手) 多四肢協調能力

工作預計時間:該職位需要很長的時間和週末工作. 主要日程是週二至週五 7:00am to 4:30PM用 45 從分鐘的午休時間,週六 7:00am to 12:30下午.
申請:請發送簡歷和求職信 jobs@beacheshabitat.org. 所有的簡歷將在收到審查.
辦公地點:>797 梅波特路
大西洋海灘, FL 32233
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