World Habitat Day



For the past 30 years, Habitat for Humanity, the United Nations and other social organizations have joined forces to celebrate World Habitat Day on the first Monday of October. Together we raise awareness, educate and mobilize individuals and communities to take action on the global housing crisis. At Beaches Habitat for Humanity, we recognize the need for deep-rooted systematic change in housing and development policy. In celebration of World Habitat Day 2015, we will be increasing our advocacy efforts and sharing weekly facts, articles, or information on how you can advocate for affordable housing!

You can join us in the fight against substandard housing by helping us advocate! Check out some examples of social media posts you can make your own:

General tweets:

  • Today is #WorldHabitatDay. Help us raise awareness about the 1.6 billion people in need of adequate shelter.
  • #WorldHabitatDay is a day for grassroots action throughout the world, starting in your community. How will you participate?
  • Adequate shelter is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty. #WorldHabitatDay

Sample Facebook posts:

  • Today is #WorldHabitatDay. Around the world, 1.6 billion people are in need of decent housing, and so today we join the United Nations and others in raising awareness, educating and mobilizing individuals and communities to take action.
  • Help us call attention to the need for adequate housing this #WorldHabitatDay.
  • Adequate shelter is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty. Show your support this #WorldHabitatDay on Monday, Oct. 5.