Welcome! Follow the links below to learn more about our opportunities and to get started with volunteering. If you need more help or just prefer direct communication, dar a nuestro Gerente de Relaciones con la Comunidad,,en,una llamada a las,,en, Sarah Jared, a call at (904) 595-5793 o correo electrónico volunteer@beacheshabitat.org.

Been here before?

If you already know the ropes, or if your group already has set up a date to volunteer, you can go directly to the volunteer calendar to sign up.


Want to help build houses?

You can sign yourself up to volunteer or recruit some friends or coworkers. If you are completing hours to fulfill a legal requirement, please follow the link for court-ordered volunteers.


Still figuring things out?

Maybe construction isn’t your thing or you’re looking for something more long term? We have other options!

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