Construction Volunteer Policies

We are so grateful for your interest in helping!  Because of the inherent risks associated with construction activities, Beaches Habitat for Humanity has guidelines to help make volunteering safe, productive and fun.  We appreciate your cooperation!

What to Expect

  • Bad weather? Beaches Habitat builds rain or shine. If it looks like conditions are too dangerous to safely work on site, we’ll announce schedule changes on our “volunteer hotline” at least 1 hour prior to the start time. Volunteers can call in if there’s a question about build day status – (904) 595-5810.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early. It may take some time to get from parking to the construction site. Upon arrival, make your way to the registration table where we will have your sign in sheet, extra copies of paperwork and tape to make name tags.
  • As a Christian ministry, we begin our day with prayer. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your faith. If you prefer not to participate, please join in after the prayer for safety information. Sites and/or tasks are assigned after the safety overview.
  • If you’re unable to stay for your full volunteer shift, please let us know as soon as possible!
  • The construction staff appreciates when volunteers assist in cleaning up the site.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a task or need more information to complete it, please talk to your leader. They will teach you how to safely and effectively complete a task or help you find an alternative task. Your safety is our first priority!

What to Wear

  • Thick soled shoes that cover your entire foot are required on the construction site, preferably steel toe boots or athletic shoes. Absolutely no sandals or open-toe shoes are allowed.
  • Most work is outside – please dress appropriately for the weather. We encourage pants to protect your legs from scrapes and scratches, but shorts are acceptable.
  • Clothes that can get dirty are strongly encouraged – rips, stains and drips are common on the construction site.
  • Please refrain from wearing clothing with suggestive and/or profane designs.
  • Please try to avoid wearing loose clothing, dangling earrings, necklaces, and clothing with loose straps or strings. All can be a hazard if they become caught on tools or other objects.
  • Hard hats are required on most sites. They are used by many volunteers, so you may want to bring a handkerchief or scarf to cover your head under the hard hat. Headbands for volunteers are available on construction sites.
  • For your safety, please be sure to follow the construction team’s instructions for proper use of hard hats.

What to Bring

  • Water is provided on site. Please bring a water bottle and feel free to refill from our coolers.
  • When volunteering for a full day, please bring a bagged lunch or plan to purchase lunch near the site.
  • Snacks are provided for break. If you have allergies or restrictions, feel free to bring a snack with you.
  • Tools will be provided on site. You’re welcome to bring your own tool belt and small hand tools. Please do not bring power tools, such as saws, nail guns, etc. Be sure personal tools are labeled with your name. Beaches Habitat is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.
  • It is preferred that you use the hard hats provided on site. Hard hats expire! We monitor our hard hats for wear and to be sure they are used within the lifespan recommended by the manufacturer.
  • There is no safe place to store valuables. Please leave valuables at home or locked in your vehicle.
  • Please do not bring pets or children younger than 16.

Age Restrictions for Youth

  • All volunteers must be age 16 or older to assist on a Beaches Habitat construction site. Opportunities may occasionally become available for 14 or 15 year old volunteers. Please contact our Community Outreach Director at for more information.
  • A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required for all volunteers younger than 18 years of age.
  • For their safety and to ensure compliance with age restrictions, all volunteers under 18 years of age will be given a colored wrist band or name tag during volunteer check-in to identify them as minors.
  • When volunteering as a group, one adult supervisor (age 25 or older) should accompany every four youth volunteers. Adults are responsible for assuring all applicable Beaches Habitat construction site and age restriction policies are followed.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to work on a ladder, roof or scaffolding, or use power tools. A full copy of Beaches Habitat’s Youth Policy is available upon request.

Other Information

  • There is no smoking or vaping on the construction site. Designated smoking areas are available.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs and weapons on our sites.
  • Please silence cell phones for safety purposes and step away from the construction site for any calls, texts, etc. When possible, wait for scheduled breaks to use cell phones.
  • There should be no head phones or ear buds on the construction sites to ensure that volunteers can hear directions, announcements and safety warnings. When it is appropriate, leaders may play music appropriate for a Christian ministry.
  • Volunteers are welcome to take photographs. Please try to minimize disruption to construction activities while doing so.
  • Construction locations, workdays and assignments are subject to change due to the unpredictable nature of volunteer construction work. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated so that we can ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Construction Site Safety

  • We need your help to keep our construction sites safe! If you see anything that appears unsafe, please correct it if possible or notify your leader. No task is more important than keeping yourself and your fellow workers safe.
  • Notify a leader of any injuries. First aid kits are available and emergency care will be contacted when necessary.
  • Free online safety training is available for all Beaches Habitat volunteers.  The access code for courses is: W8NAEBTG.  You may take any course available on the site and we highly recommend the following:
  1. You are Exposed: General Affiliate Safety
  2. Fall Safety
  3. Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Job Site