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Homeownership Open Enrollment

Beaches Habitat for Humanity is pleased to announce the acceptance of new applications for our affordable Homeownership Program.

The open enrollment period will begin May 17, 2018 and end June 1, 2018.
This means that your application with all required documents must be returned to the Beaches Habitat Administrative office on Friday, June 1st by 5:00pm.
No Applications will be accepted after June 1, 2018.

Applications can be obtained from the Beaches Habitat’s Administration Office located at 797 Mayport Estrada, Atlantic Beach, 32233 beginning May 17th at 9:00no.

Also, there will be an Informational Meeting about our affordable Homeownership Program. A reunião não é obrigatória,,en,O assento será limitado a "50" pessoas,,en,Crianças menores de 18 anos não poderão participar,,en,As candidaturas serão distribuídas na reunião,,en,Veja abaixo para mais detalhes,,en,Onde,,en,Nova Igreja Missionária Batista da Amizade,,en,Tempo,,en,Estamos pedindo que ninguém chegue antes,,en,O requerimento preenchido deve ser devolvido com todos os documentos necessários ao escritório administrativo da Beaches Habitat na sexta-feira.,,en,Obrigado pela sua cooperação,,en,SABER MAIS,,en. Seating will be limited to “50” people. Children under the age of “18” will not be allowed to attend. Applications will be distributed at the meeting. See below for further details:

New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
1996 Mayport Rd.
Atlantic Beach, 32233

May 17, 2018


We are asking no one arrive before 6:15pm.

The completed Application must be returned with all required documents to the Beaches Habitat Administrative office on Friday, Junho 1, 2018 por 5:00pm. No Applications will be accepted after June 1, 2018.

In preparation for your application, please review our list of required documents.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Homeownership Selection Criteria

Beaches resident or place of work
  • Live or work for one year East of St John’s Bluff Road

  • Substandard, overcrowded, unaffordable housing

  • Resident of HUD Section 8 housing

Capacidade de pagar
  • Based on income and credit check

  • Must have stable income for at least one year

Vontade de Parceiro
  • Willing to perform sweat-equity by helping to build your home and homes of others

Income Requirements
  • Minimum monthly income for Homeowners: $1,400 per month ($16,800 per year)

  • Includes the following:

    • Salaries

    • Child Support

    • SSI and TANF

    • Other income
Annual maximum Income by Family Size
1 person$29,400/year
2 people$33,600/year
3 people$37,800/year
4 people$41,940/year
5 people$45,300/year
6 people$48,660/year
Includes income from all household members who are 18 years of age or older
Criminal Background Checks
  • Criminal background checks will be requested for Applicant, Co-Applicant and all household members 16 years or older

  • Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender

    • Not eligible to participate in the program: applicant, co-applicant or household member

  • Felony Charges

    • 5 years or less since conviction not able to participate in the program

  • Misdemeanor Charges

    • 2 years or less since conviction; not able to participate in the program
Vontade de Parceiro
  • 300 a 600 horas de suor

  • 75% of hours from homeowner

  • 25% friends & family

  • 100 hours for each household members 18 and over

  • Provide Information/Documents in Timely Manner

  • Participates in Home Visit

  • Agrees to live where the affiliate has land

  • Agrees to notify the affiliate of household changes

  • Agrees to avoid new debt during process
Other Issues
  • Married couples – both spouses must sign the mortgage

  • Two unrelated individuals can apply

  • Must certify income under penalty of perjury

  • Home must be primary residence, cannot rent the home

Nós fazemos o negócio de acordo com a Lei Federal Housing Fair

"Estamos empenhados à letra e ao espírito de os EUA. política para a concretização de oportunidades de habitação igual em todo o país. Encorajamos e apoiamos propaganda e marketing positivos em que não há barreiras para a obtenção de habitação por causa da raça, cor, religião, sexo, desvantagem, status familiar, ou origem nacional ".

Equal Opportunity Employer

Praias Habitat for Humanity é um empregador de oportunidades iguais. Todos os candidatos qualificados serão considerados para a vaga, sem considerar a raça, cor, religião, sexo, ou origem nacional.

Any person requiring special accommodations to participate should advise Beaches Habitat at least 48 hours before applicable dates by contacting: Joyce Freeman, Family Services Director at (904) 595-5797 or if speech impaired, please contact the Florida Relay Service, 1(800) 955-8770 (Voice) e 1(800) 955-8771 (TDD).

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