Interfaith Build

當社區建設, 部門和社會的影響, 仁人希望把上帝的愛付諸行動通過與社區建設, 不只是因為它. 我們現在和將來仍然是一個基督教事, 但如北美變得更加多樣化, 與社區建設涉及意味著代表有宗教. 這意味著我們所服務的社區參與, 在其所有的多樣性. 人居署的工作應該反映這些群落的多樣性, 或者聲稱我們包括所有人民建設家園,這將越來越難, communities and hope.

由於這種反射, Beaches Habitat for Humanity selects one build per year for our Interfaith Build. We hope to continue to partner with the faith communities that have been such an integral part of our organization, while also encouraging new partnerships with all faiths in our community.


Faith communities determine the scope of their partnership. In recognition of your commitment, Beaches Habitat will provide resources and guidance, on-site signage, and an invitation to attend and participate in the wall-raising ceremony, to kick off the build, and home dedication, to mark its completion.

Faith communities wishing to partner with Beaches Habitat for Interfaith Build can do so through any or all of the following ways:

  • Engage Volunteers: Participate in at least two volunteer build days with five to ten volunteers from your faith community
  • In-Kind Donations: Provide lunch for about 30 volunteers following build activities on at least two occasions
  • Financial Contributions: Make a donation or host a fundraiser to benefit Beaches Habitat

Our next Interfaith Build will be kicking off in January 2019!

Interfaith Build Contact
瑪麗·安妮·克里斯滕森, 發展總監