Veterans Build

Veterans Build is a national Habitat for Humanity initiative to provide housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families. The Veterans Build mission is focused on five inter-related areas:

  1. Build: Provide simple, décent, affordable housing including construction, rehabs, and repairs.
  2. Mobilize: Engage veterans as volunteers and in veteran focused advocacy.
  3. Employ: Employ Actively recruit veterans as Habitat leaders through employment, national service, etc.
  4. Educate: Promote a better understanding of military culture to the civilian population and provide veterans access to financial education.
  5. Honor: Host regular set of events to broaden awareness of veterans’ issues.

Au Plages Habitat pour l'humanité, our goal is to engage veterans and military service members in all 5 of these areas. As we work towards this goal, we currently offer the opportunities to become involved through volunteer opportunities and new home construction. Visitez notre Volunteer page for information on individual and group volunteer opportunities. Visitez notre Homeownership page to learn more about qualifying to purchase a home.