COVID-19: Emergency Funds Needed


In times of crisis, it is always those who are already struggling who are hit hardest. I never thought I would need to make an ask like this. I would not be asking if it weren’t so important.

Affordable housing is critical for families who are struggling to make ends meet. Beaches Habitat for Humanity partners with families who have to balance the high cost of housing with life’s other necessities, like groceries, health care and transportation.

Will you please make an emergency gift today to help local families who need affordable housing?

As a result of the coronavirus, all volunteer construction has been postponed, causing costly delays for 10 homes in Haywood Estates II. We have also canceled several upcoming events, including one of our major fundraisers.

The shortfall from these changes will ultimately impact the safety and security of families like our future homeowner, Nicole’s.

Nicole is a single mother who works in a restaurant. On top of the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to many in the restaurant industry, now she has the added stress of an unexpected delay in the construction of her home – an affordable home that she has been waiting and working for to help provide a stable life for her 2 young children.

And it’s not just Nicole and her family. There are 9 other future homeowners in Haywood Estates II that have seen construction on their homes come to a stop.

We cannot build homes at our normal pace while COVID-19 prevents volunteers from coming to our construction sites. Your gift can, however, help us to overcome the costs of delays so that we can continue building when this crisis is over.

Please give today and ensure that families like Nicole’s will have safe and affordable housing as soon as possible.

With Gratitude,

Curtis R. Ford
President & CEO