What Kind of Gift Giver Are You?

There’s no “one-size” fits all way to give a gift! You have a unique style and reason for the gifts that you choose and who you give them to. Here are some ways to support Beaches Habitat, with your giving style in mind!

Practical Gift Giver

You might be a practical gift giver if:

  • you believe the best kind of gift is one that can be used.
  • you want to give a gift that's helpful.
  • you prefer to give a gift that's needed over a gift that's wanted.

If you're a practical giver, then you should shop our wish lists!

Our construction and education teams have compiled a list of the items that they need the most on an Amazon wish list. 

Collaborative Gift Giver

You might be a collaborative gift giver if:

  • you enjoy brainstorming gift ideas with your family and friends.
  • you are energized by organizing a collection and motivating others to give.
  • you like to take charge of selecting and wrapping a gift, but maybe don't have the funds to buy it yourself.


If you're a collaborative giver, then you should start a fundraiser!

Facebook fundraisers make it easy. All you have to do is set up a fundraiser page and share it with your followers.

Conscientious Gift Giver

You might be a conscientious gift giver if:

  • you want to be a responsible giver and think about what it means to be an ethical and sustainable shopper.
  • you want your gift to serve a purpose without creating unnecessary waste.

If you're a conscientious giver, then support Beaches Habitat through Community Bags!

Winn Dixie's Community Bag program takes something you're already doing - grocery shopping - and turns it into a giving opportunity through reusable grocery bags.

Thoughtful Gift Giver

You might be a thoughtful gift giver if:

  • you plan gift-giving well in advance.
  • you enjoy giving more than receiving.
  • you like to know that your gift meets a need for your gift recipient.

If you're a thoughtful giver, then you should become a monthly donor!

Plan ahead and have a bigger impact by setting up monthly giving. Your monthly donation helps Beaches Habitat plan ahead by providing steady support over the course of the year.

Cheerful Gift Giver

You might be a cheeerful gift giver if:

  • you like the idea of adding joy to someone else's life.
  • you give as an expression of your faith or values.
  • you give to show gratitude.

If you're a cheerful giver, then make a monetary gift this holiday season!

Your gift this holiday season will support programs that directly benefit families in need of affordable housing.

Have another gift idea?

These gift-giving "personalities" were inspired by: