Good luck, Ashlee!

After 3 years of AmeriCorps service, Construction Crew Leader Ashlee is moving on. We are grateful for her years of service and wish her luck!

Great spirit, great passion, great girl, that’s Ashlee. I will miss her and wish her the best of success in all that she endeavors to do and achieve in her life.

Curtis Ford, President & CEO

Name: Ashlee Shelton

Position: AmeriCorps*National Construction Crew Leader

What’s next? Temporarily, I’ll be nannying for a family while I plan my wedding. Afterward, I’m not positive where we’ll move, but I plan to work for a nonprofit.

What’s your big career dream? I’d like to start a Habitat affiliate in Rwanda.

What was the best thing about your service year? The community and vibe of the Beaches Habitat staff. You really feel appreciated and part of the team here.

Do you have a favorite memory? I think all of the dedications. You get a real sense of accomplishment for the homeowners and for our team. It’s awesome to see them move into their forever home.

In particular, at one dedication the homeowner told a story about her granddaughter praying for a yellow home. When we started painting, it turned out that their house was going to be green. Instead of getting upset, the granddaughter told her grandmother that she was happy with her green house, because she figured that green must be God’s favorite color.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the volunteers? I appreciated all of their help and I hope they keep helping Habitat!

Anything else you’d like to share? Just that 3 years felt much faster than 3 years!

Wish Ashlee Well

If you have a message you’d like to share with Ashlee, send it to We’ll be sure to pass it along to her!

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