5 New Year’s Resolutions Beaches Habitat Can Help You Keep

Every January, we’re hit from every direction with calls for a “new you,” a “fresh start,” and lots of other cliches. Whether you buy into new year’s resolutions or not, you probably have a few goals to achieve or habits you want to change.

We love you just the way you are! But you might still be thinking about challenging yourself to try something new.

To help you out, we looked at some common new year’s resolutions and paired them up with some actions you can take right here at Beaches Habitat!

Learn a New Skill

Have you ever installed a window? Cut baseboard? Painted siding? If you want to get better at working with your hands, there’s no better place to get started than on a Beaches Habitat construction site. When you volunteer, you’ll be partnered with a skilled leader who’ll teach you how to complete your tasks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a tool in your life – we make it simple so that anyone can learn!

Read More

Reading expands your world, increases your knowledge, and sometimes provides a nice escape from your everyday experience. Do you know who else can benefit from storytelling? Students! When you partner with our Education Program as an afterschool volunteer, you’ll read to and with kids who could really use a little encouragement. There’s even a weekly book club. You may not be reading War and Peace, but you’ll have a much bigger impact!

Start Investing

Okay, to be fair, you’re probably thinking about a different kind of investing. However, donating to a local non-profit organization is an investment – in your community! Studies conducted by Habitat for Humanity International in 2019 reviewed the impact that Habitat organizations, like Beaches Habitat, have on their local economy. It turns out that every $1 we use to build and repair homes, creates a ripple effect equal to $1.83. That means your $25 donation becomes about $45.75 in economic growth. You’ve nearly doubled your money!

Be the Change You Want to See

Starting in 2020, activism (i.e. – taking action for a change) is on the rise. Most people think of volunteering and donating when they think of supporting nonprofits. We know that your VOICE is just as important as your time and money. Why? Because change happens when people speak up. Whether it’s sharing one of our posts on Facebook or Instagram, inviting a friend to volunteer with you, or contacting your local representative about an upcoming bill, your voice helps Beaches Habitat do more good in the community.

Have More Fun

What makes you happy? Getting out for a round of golf? Then maybe you should think about signing up for our annual Builders Classic golf tournament in May. Trivia night at a local pub? Beaches Habitat Young Professionals hosts monthly trivia nights around the area. Getting together with girlfriends? Check out Women Build. There are so many ways you can get involved and have fun while doing it!

We hope we’ve inspired you to make a little progress on a goal this year. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2022. Happy New Year!