Invest in your Community.
Invest in Home.

Here in the Jacksonville Beaches, one in five families must choose between spending money on a safe place to live and spending money on groceries, health care, education, or reliable transportation. Which would you choose?

Who are you helping when you support Beaches Habitat?

  • Your toddler’s teacher at daycare,
  • The cashier at your grocery store,
  • The custodian at your child’s school,
  • The server at your favorite restaurant,
  • And the nursing assistant caring for your aging parent, just to name a few.

Your support gives each of them a chance to have an affordable home in the community where they work, play, and spend money. When you help a Habitat homeowner build and buy their own home, you are partnering with them to build a better Jacksonville Beaches community.

Family holding shovels wearing hard hats

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