Thank you: CEO Build 2021

Celebrating the unstoppable power of corporate leaders to help transform the community.

On June 7, we were grateful to welcome local leaders, representing 10 companies, to Haywood Estates II.

Brent Paris
Dubin Clark & Company, Inc.

Bill Hillegass
Hillegass, Chepenik & Hood, CPAs

Greg Gause
Advantage Plumbing

John Fletcher
Fletcher & Company Insurance

Danny Romano
Romano Brothers Roofing

Al Mansur
Al’s Pizza

Seth Waller
Steve Fisher
Kerri Dowd

Nick Narusas
Sleiman Enterprises

Carolyn Mathis
Harbor View Advisors

Tim Jackson
ICI Builds

What is the CEO Build?

Beaches Habitat’s CEO Build is a unique opportunity for local community leaders to champion affordable housing and ensure the health of our businesses… and our community. CEOs and top executives partner with Beaches Habitat for Humanity each year to give a family the opportunity to build and buy a home in the Jacksonville Beaches community.

It is an opportunity for action. When you join the CEO Build, you make a financial contribution and then spend one morning on the construction site, building alongside and networking with other local leaders.

It is an opportunity for recognition. Your support of the local community and affordable housing won’t go unnoticed. CEO Build participants receive recognition through several channels, including in a full-page ad in a local publication.

Why does is matter?

In the Jacksonville Beaches, one in five families must choose between spending money on a safe place to live and spending money on groceries, health care, education, or reliable transportation. Everyone should have enough money left over after paying rent or mortgage costs to cover life’s necessities.

When you join the CEO Build, you are supporting the foundation of a strong community – affordable housing. You know that when employees have an affordable place to live, they have more disposable income to spend within the community, helping to build local business and increasing tax revenue.

Your participation in the CEO Build will have a ripple effect in the local economy. Thank you for supporting Beaches Habitat and helping to build a better, strong Beaches community!

Reserve your spot for the next CEO Build

Contact Mary Anne by email or by phone at (904) 595-5794.

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