Virtual Home Dedication: 2610 and 2612 Haywood Estates Court

Welcome to our virtual home dedication!

At the completion of home construction, future homeowners, volunteers, sponsors and many others from the community come together to celebrate. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is creating challenges for gatherings, we have collected videos here to capture the essence of our dedication ceremonies. Thank you for joining the celebration!


"A dedication ceremony is the culmination of many months of work and represents the combined effort of many volunteers and supporters from the local community, as well as future homeowners. It marks a turning point in the lives of our homeowners as we hand over the keys to their houses and they begin to make them their homes. We are incredibly grateful to all of you in the community who support the mission of Beaches Habitat for Humanity. It is because of you that these homes are possible."

~Curtis Ford
President & CEO
Beaches Habitat

Home Sponsor

Subaru of Jacksonville

"I know the hard work that went in to qualifying for, building and sacrificing to get this home and we're awful proud of you. We hope you enjoy it."

~Phil Porter
Subaru of Jacksonville

Home Sponsor


"On behalf of TIAA Bank, I want to congratulate you on completing all the steps to becoming a homeowner. This is a great achievement made possible by your hard work. From saving for your down payment, to the sweat equity you put into this beautiful home, you've made your dream of homeownership a reality, and all of us at TIAA Bank are very proud to have been part of your journey to success."

~Steve Fischer
President & CEO



"Owning a home means a lot to me. It means that my life and that of my children are going to change a 180-degree turn for the better... I will be without worries that the money is not enough to pay the house and other bills... Thanks from the heart and may God bless each of you."



"Now me and the boys have somewhere to be for the rest of our lives... And I'm just really glad that I'm able to afford something on my own... and I just really appreciate it. Thank you, guys."


In addition to remarks from the home sponsors and homeowner, dedication ceremonies also include:

  • Presentation of the American flag by the Jacksonville Chapter of the Son of the American Revolution
  • Presentation of books by Project Storybook
  • Presentation of toys and play equipment by Project Play
  • Presentation of the Bible
  • Ribbon cutting
  • House Blessing

House Blessing

From our dreams, our faith and our hard work these houses became a reality.

They began as a stirring in our hearts and are now a beacon of God’s love. We fashioned our plans and built these walls.

We pray that the spirit of God’s love will surround this place. Family and friends will gather for joyous times in these rooms. They will build memories of home as they share God’s love.

Over the years Leannis’s family and Nicole’s family will know good times and challenging times. We pray that God’s love will sustain them.

We humbly ask God’s blessings on these new homes and trust that God will guide the hearts and minds of these families to create homes filled with love, hope and joy.


Thank you!

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Son of the American Revolution, Jacksonville Chapter

Lowe's of Northeast Jacksonville

Project Storybook

Project Play