Construction Volunteer Calendar


to our volunteer calendar.

Upcoming Closures

Beaches Habitat for Humanity will be closed on the following dates:

  • Saturday, August 31
  • Tuesday, September 3

If you are a future homeowner or Crew Leader, please be sure to sign in before selecting a project!

For more information on the requirements and recommendations to volunteer on the construction site and to download a copy of our release forms, please visit our Build page.

Documented Hours

If you need your hours documented, please download our tracking form and bring it to the construction site with you. Please help us to document your hours quickly and correctly by having your on-site leader sign this form each time you volunteer!

If you are completing community service to fulfill a legal requirement (probation, pre-trial, etc.), please review our policy and complete the form for Court-Ordered Community Service. Then contact our Community Outreach Director, Sarah Jared, at (904) 595-5793 for approval prior to scheduling hours.

It's update time!

Each year on July 1, we reset our volunteer accounts. When you log in to the calendar, you will be asked to verify your profile. Please take this opportunity to review your information to be sure it's up to date and accurate. Also, be aware that you will be asked to sign a new release and waiver of liability during your next shift on the construction site.

Thanks for helping us keep our records up to date!

If you are a future homeowner or Crew Leader, please be sure to sign inplease be sure to sign inbefore selecting a project!