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In the Jacksonville Beaches, one in five families must choose between spending money on a safe place to live and spending money on groceries, health care, education or reliable transportation. Everyone should have enough money left over after paying rent or mortgage costs to cover life’s necessities.

The statics on affordable housing are staggering:

  • According to the Out of Reach Report, Fair Market Rent for a 3-bedroom home in the Jacksonville Metro area is $1,676 each month. An affordable payment for a renter earning the area’s median income is $1,244. (National Low Income Housing Coalition)
  • Beaches Habitat for Humanity homeowners are people who need a little help to stand on their own. Most work full time in occupations that include childcare workers, nursing assistants, and cashiers, with annual mean wage in 2024 of $28,980, $37,150 and $28,380 respectively. To afford Fair Market Rent for a 3-bedroom home in Jacksonville, a family needs a minimum annual income of $67,040. (Bureau of Labor StatisticsNational Low Income Housing Coalition)
  • Working at minimum wage ($11 per hour), an employee would need to work 117 hours each week to afford a 3-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent. (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

When we approve a homeowner for our program, we work with them to ensure that their monthly payment is affordable. That means that the total of their mortgage payment, contribution to a home repair escrow, homeowner's association dues, homeowner's insurance, and property taxes does not exceed 30% of their gross household income. Learn more about our homeownership program.

When asked , "If you had the choice, would you continue to live in this neighborhood?" here are some of the things Beaches Habitat homeowners had to say...

I have felt nothing but love and acceptance here. I love my neighbors and my community. These people have been nothing but kind and giving to me.

~ Resident of Huang Villas

I'm grateful that God has given us a great community.

~ Resident of Forsyth Court

Our street is very quiet and everyone looks out for one another. We all get along very well.

~ Resident of Simmons Road

It's the most community I have experienced in a neighborhood. It's like having lots of extended family.

~ Resident of Scheidel Court

I count my blessings and having this house in this area is a major blessing.

~ Resident of Francis Avenue

My house is very convenient to the elementary and middle schools that my children go to. Also, I'm close to my job and lots of other things too... grocery store, bank, etc.

~ Resident of Haywood Estates

More Than Housing

Habitat for Humanity has shown that building homes does more than put a roof over someone’s head. Studies have shown that the impact of affordable housing is undeniable.