Young woman

Alessandra strives to make an impact

My name is Alessandra Manuzon. I was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Atlantic Beach in 2013 when my parents bought a house through Beaches Habitat’s program.

After graduating from Duncan U. Fletcher High School in 2021, I applied to the University of North Florida to complete my pre-requisites for UNF’s nursing program. As the daughter of Beaches Habitat homeowners, I was eligible to receive a scholarship through the Scheidel Foundation.

Two years later, I was accepted as a regular pre-licensure nursing student for the Spring 2024 Semester. Prior to getting admitted, I was able to achieve a 3.95 GPA and minor in both Psychology and Public Health.

I hope to finish my bachelor’s degree in nursing and work as either an Aesthetic Nurse or a Labor & Delivery Nurse. It is important for me to set an example for my younger siblings and my fellow first-generation students.

Finally, and most importantly, my main goal is to make an impact in this world.