Homeowner Profile: Meet Kathy

Kathy was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently works at the University of Florida in the Hematology/Oncology department. She has three children Jaylin (20), Ariana (16) & Karter (8). Kathy described her living situation prior to her future home as “not so great. . . Everything was a struggle. . .”

Kathy learned about the program from a friend, who is a homeowner through Beaches Habitat’s program. Kathy told us, “I actually wanted to apply, but missed the deadline for the last build before COVID.”

When Beaches Habitat opened up applications in June of 2022, Kathy made sure to submit an application. “When I got the call saying I was approved to formally apply, I will never forget that day. I was actually visiting family and friends up north… and considering moving back. But if I could’ve flown home that same day, I would’ve been on the next flight leaving. . . When [Mrs. Joyce] called me that early morning at 7am, I actually started crying but felt at peace all at the same time.” 

To be approved for homeownership at Beaches Habitat, applicants who live or work within our service area must meet three main criteria:

  1. They must have a demonstrated need for affordable housing;
  2. They must have the ability to repay the affordable mortgage; and
  3. They must be willing to partner with Beaches Habitat to complete 300 hours of sweat equity in the form of volunteering on the construction site and completing workshops to prepare for homeownership.

Since being approved for the program, Kathy has been a regular presence on the construction site, building her home and the homes of her neighbors. Kathy told us that being on the site is, “HARD WORK… but gratifying. You’re not only doing this for your family but for someone else as well. [You feel] prideful too because you get to… see what you’ve accomplished and are capable of doing, while knowing at the end this will be yours.”

When asked what the experience was like working alongside volunteers to build her home, Kathy said, “I feel so grateful. This has been nothing but a great experience. I don’t think you can ever meet a group of more amazing, selfless people.”

The Faith Build dedication will be Saturday June 1st at 1 pm at 4558 Ribault Park Street. Come join us to celebrate the completion of Kathy’s home!

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