Construction Progress: 2021 in Review

2021 was quite the year! We celebrated the dedication of four homes, nearly completed four more, and started finding our stride with Senior Home Repairs. As we prepare for new projects in 2022, let’s remember what you helped us to do in 2021.

New Home Construction

2605 and 2607 Haywood Estates Court

Despite pandemic shutdowns, thanks to a core group of seasoned volunteers, 2605 and 2607 Haywood Estates Court was dedicated in January 2021.

2611 and 2613 Haywood Estates Court

For the two families who purchased 2611 and 2613 Haywood Estates Court, it was a long road to homeownership. Their patience and hard work paid off when we celebrated together in March 2021.

2617 and 2619 Haywood Estates Court

This unique duplex is nearly complete! In the first part of the year, we’ll build the ramps for wheelchair access to the front porches and finish the landscaping. Once that’s done, it will be time to say “welcome home!”

2618 and 2620 Haywood Estates Court

Another new to Beaches Habitat design, the single-story duplex is also just a few weeks away from completion. Volunteers will finish the interior painting, caulking, and cleaning in 2022, along with landscaping the yard. Stay tuned for dedication news!

Coming Soon…

Look for news of new projects in the next few months, including a single-family home on Edgar Street in Atlantic Beach and a small subdivision in Mayport Village.

Senior Home Repair

A Few Examples of the “Before”

Repair #1 – completed May 2021

The first Senior Home Repair in 2021 was a mix of interior and exterior work. On the exterior, the team replaced failing siding and shored up the structural support above a sliding glass door. Inside the house, we replaced failing pipes, a dysfunctional HVAC system, and kitchen and bathroom countertops and cabinets that were past their prime. That also meant some drywall repair, paint, and new bathroom tiles.

Repair #2 – completed June 2021

We spent most of our time on the roof of the second Senior Repair Project. A leak left the roof structure in poor shape, so the homeowner got a whole new roof, including new rafters, decking, sub-fascia, and soffit. The roof leak had made its way inside too, so ceilings in multiple rooms needed repair and repainting. There were also siding and stucco repairs, and a fresh coat of paint. Inside, in addition to the ceiling, we also repaired the kitchen cabinets, replaced a storm door, fixed a trip hazard and sealed some leaky spots in the bathroom.

Repair #3 – completed July 2021

A previous kitchen remodel had left some electrical issues in our third Senior Repair Project. To correct it, we rewired the electrical connections and replaced the stovetop and oven. We also repaired a broken window to finish out the project.

A Few Projects Under Construction

Repair #4 – completed August 2021

The scope of Senior Repair # 4 included just about everything – a new roof, new windows, new doors, new storm doors, a new garage door, drywall repair, new flooring throughout the house, interior and exterior painting, electrical and plumbing repairs, and replacement of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and countertops. When we finished this project, it was practically a new house.

Repair #5 – completed November 2021

Senior Repair Project #5 was as much about prevention as repair. A past foundation had been caused by washout from storms. The foundation has been repaired and our job was to help keep the washout from happening again by installing new gutters. The original block walls also needed some care, so we scraped off the old paint, sealed up all the openings and cracks, and put on a fresh coat of paint.

Repair #6 – completed December 2021

Senior Repair #6 was small compared to some of our other projects but had a big impact. As she aged, it was getting more difficult for the homeowner to get in and out of the bathtub. Some of the tiles were starting to fall out of the surround too, leaving the backing exposed to moisture. To get this bathroom back in shape, we repaired the backing, replaced tiles where needed, and, most importantly, installed grab bars to make bathing a less stressful part of her day.

Repair #7 – in progress

The last of our 2021 projects will carry over just a bit into the new year. We started with a brand new roof, followed by replacing the plumbing throughout the house and installing a new HVAC system. When we’re done, it will also include a new shower in the master bathroom along with some drywall repair.

A Few Examples of the “After”

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