Transitions in K-5 Program

Sue Goebertus began her journey with Beaches Habitat as a volunteer in the after-school program. Over the years, she joined the staff in partnership with then-director Kathy Christensen before taking over as Education Director when Kathy retired. After many years of program leadership, Sue is ready to spend more time with a different group of youngsters – her grandchildren.

Sue’s heart is still with the children and the program she has watched grow and transform over the years. Through her efforts, students have had access to phenomenal tutors and volunteers who have led the children in everything from vegetable art prints to LEGO robotics.

Sue and all of the staff at Beaches Habitat were thrilled to hear of the City of Atlantic Beach’s decision to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida. The Jordan Community Center Boys and Girls Club and the Baker Community Center Boys and Girls Club are now open for members.

The Boys and Girls Club is committed to maintaining existing relationships and has welcomed collaboration with Beaches Habitat volunteers and programming. We are excited to see the wonderful things that the Boys and Girls Club will bring to these neighborhoods, and we look forward to sharing updates as they develop.

“Professionally, this was the most gratifying work I have experienced”

Sue Goebertus