Affordable Housing on the Horizon for More Families

Four families are in the process of becoming homeowners after being approved for Beaches Habitat’s program. Three families will purchase the homes currently under construction in Mayport Village. The fourth family’s home will be built in a new neighborhood on Mayport Road. The yet-to-be-named community will be a multi-year project that is expected to provide affordable homeownership opportunities to 47 families.

The four approved families are completing “sweat equity” by volunteering on the construction site and attending required workshops to help them prepare for homeownership.

Beaches Habitat is fortunate to have the support of two committees that play an integral role in the success of future homeowners. The Family Selection Committee is responsible for selecting qualified applicants for the affordable housing program; The Family Support Committee implements and manages our educational workshops. Recently, these committees hosted a “Welcome Wagon” event to welcome our new partner families into the Beaches Habitat family.

Beaches Habitat commemorated its 354th dedication on April 1, 2023. Erin Johnson and her daughters, pictured above, are the proud owners of a beautiful home!