Beaches Habitat is a team of many, from our Board of Directors to our program volunteers. Let us introduce you to some of the key players!

Administrative Staff

Steve Gilbert

President & CEO
(904) 595-5791
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Debbie Jones

Chief Financial Officer
(904) 595-5792
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Sarah Jared

Chief Operating Officer
(904) 595-5793
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Mary Anne Christensen

Development Director
(904) 595-5794
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Arthur Lewis

Finance Manager
(904) 595-5799
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Judith Poppell

Grant Specialist
(904) 595-5803
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Education & Family Services Staff

Joyce Freeman

Family Services Director
(904) 595-5797
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Sue Goebertus

Education Director
(904) 595-5801
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Doug Brown

Scheidel Prep Club Coordinator
(904) 595-5802
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Construction Staff

Josh Jared

Construction Director
(904) 334-1201
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Taryn Stevens

Construction Coordinator
(904) 595-5806
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Chris Rozear

Repairs Manager
(904) 631-1665
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Brigid Barrett

Construction Site Supervisor

Chace Thomas

Construction Site Supervisor

AmeriCorps Members

Parker Delattibodier

Construction Crew Leader

Ripley Selhorst

Construction Crew Leader

Rachel Taylor

Volunteer Services Coordinator
(904) 595-5805
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Board of Directors

  • Kathryn Hall


  • Kyle Vincent

    Vice Chair

  • Lauren Weisman


  • Marianne Hillegass


  • Brent Paris

    Immediate Past Chair

  • Michael Binaco

  • Justin Cerrato

  • Terri Cohen

  • Charles Dixon

  • Greg Griffin

  • Justin Hesterlee

  • Stacey Lawrence

  • Carolyn Mathis

  • Jim Moyer

  • Martha Shafer

  • Archie Jenkins

    Director Emeritus