Birthday Fundaising...

It's a piece of cake!

Looking for a new way to celebrate your birthday this year? Consider turning the good intentions of your friends and family into goodwill for the community by creating a birthday fundraiser!

It just takes a few simple steps to create a fundraiser and share it on Facebook. Then sit back and relax as your fundraiser helps make homeownership a reality for a local family!

Start your Fundraiser

Step 1

Use our direct link - - to start setting up your fundraiser.

Step 2

Set a fundraising goal and an end date for your fundraiser. A week or two is usually a good time frame.

Step 3

Create a catchy title for your fundraiser and describe why you're supporting Beaches Habitat. Facebook provides a template that you can stick with or you can personalize everything.

Step 4

Choose a photo. You can use Beaches Habitat's or choose your own.

Step 5


Celebrate your Birthday by Helping a Family Build an Affordable Home!