Welcome Wagon

Welcoming 9 New Future Homeowners

The Family Support Committee and the Family Selection Committee hosted a “Welcome Wagon” in January to welcome new future homeowners to Beaches Habitat. The committees brought an assortment of finger foods and refreshments to share as the homeowners became better acquainted with one another and the committee members.

Committee members gather around future homeowners

The evening began as Steve Hopper (Family Support Chairperson), and Antoinette Saladino (Family Selection Chairperson) introduced their committee members. Each future homeowner introduced themselves and included why they love being part of Beaches Habitat. Some had a lot to say, and everyone enjoyed the time getting to know one another.

Judy Hopper (Family Support Committee) presented an icebreaker, asking each new future homeowner to give a one-word answer of what Habitat meant to them. This group had a very hard time choosing just one word. Their answers included: Blessed, Safety, Grateful, Awesome, Reassurance, and Happy.

Here’s what the future homeowners had to say when they were introducing themselves, as recorded by Susan Payne (Family Support Committee).

Future Homeowners at Table
  1. Safe environment with smart people. Really Happy!
  2. Grateful for the program, feeling blessed! Everyone in the family will have their own room!
  3. Will no longer be late for work. Forever home for the children. Happy and grateful!
  4. Such a blessing and a help to become a homeowner. God is Good!
  5. Appreciate having a house with a mortgage and a good price. Currently in an apartment taking all my funds. Such good news to be approved
  6. Single Mom, blessed and happy, have never lived on my own. I no longer feel like a failure. On my own and blessed.

It is wonderful to hear the positive emotions from our future homeowners as they embark on a long journey towards owning their own home. It is only through the support of dedicated volunteers, like those on our Family Selection Committee and Family Support Committee, along with our donors and sponsors, that Beaches Habitat can offer the opportunity of affordable homeownership. Learn more about Habitat homeownership or how you can get involved in building strength and stability through shelter!

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