Construction Progress – June 2020

2604, 2606, 2610, and 2612 Haywood Estates Court

2610 and 2612 have recently been finished. All inspections have been finalized. These four homes are awaiting closings! We hope to have new owners soon.

2605 and 2607 Haywood Estates Court

Chris and Ty are the house captains on these two homes. They have recently finished the back porch build out and continue to make progress on installing and painting the siding. On the interior, wall insulation has been installed and the units have moved into drywall. Next up, we will be completing the front porch build outs, siding, and start painting the interior.

2611 and 2613 Haywood Estates Court

The Women and Interfaith build homes are coming along nicely. Scaffold surrounds the entire building as staff and volunteers start in on shingling the roof. Next up will be to finish out the dry-in stage with window and door installation and then we’ll move right into siding.

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