Year in Review, 2019-2020

To all of our stakeholders:

We have just finished our fiscal year ending June 30th. It has been an extraordinary year for us, our community, and people across the globe. One year ago who would have predicted a global pandemic, racial discord, and civil unrest?

As I communicate now these real issues persist. So, with great affection for all of you who make a difference in the lives of the families we serve THANK YOU, for helping to make this a better world by funding, building, and volunteering at Beaches Habitat!

We will continue to build a better community by showing compassion and respect for the families we serve. In the midst of the uncertainty confronting us our service is expanding later this year to include Senior Home Repairs. Project design will begin on our next community while we finish the buildout of Haywood Estates II. The education program will return in tandem with school re-openings.

I look forward to working for all of our Stakeholders to achieve our goals and strengthen the community where we live.

Yours in service,

Curtis Ford
President & CEO

Beaches Habitat for Humanity presents the impact of your supper, 2019-2020 in Review: 4 Affordable homes sold; 11 affordable mortgages paid in full; 11 people moved into save, decent affordable homes; 1,691 "sweat equity" hours; 50 K-5 student participants in after school program; 961 tutoring sessions with children; 10,194 construction volunteer hours; 950 tutor volunteer hours
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