Education Corner

These winter months have been busy yet very enjoyable for the children in our after-school program. We recognized two special days with projects for the children. On Valentine’s Day, the children created special Valentines to thank the volunteers who are so dedicated to the education program at Beaches Habitat, as we always appreciate their time with the children. It’s always fun to recognize Dr. Seuss on March 2, and the children designed new hats for the infamous Cat!

Black History Month

February is recognized as Black History Month, and many of the children were in the performance “And Still I Rise,” written and produced by our city partners, Dee Davis and Trenia Thomas. The children were excited to sing, recite poetry, and perform vignettes at Vineyard Church while performers and guests enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Lo Eva Johnson.

Philip Simmons reading to children

Since 2005, we have participated in the National Council of Teachers of English, African American Read-In. Philip Simmons (pictured) was our guest reader at the Gail Baker Center during the after-school program.

3rd Quarter Progress

Report cards will be out soon, and we expect to see some positive growth thanks to the help of so many dedicated tutors, mentors, and others who partner with the education program. Each month, we recognize students who work carefully to complete their schoolwork and demonstrate good citizenship at the center. In April, children will be taking their FSAs (Florida State Assessments). This is a challenging time for them, but afterward, they enter into the home stretch, finishing school on May 31.

Thank you

We are so grateful for a successful year with the children, thanks to our partnerships with the City of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach Elementary, and Atlantic Beach Elementary. Of course, we could not do this without our wonderful volunteers and supporters.

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