Administrative OfficeEducation Program Office
797 Mayport Road
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Fax: (904) 241-4310
1671 Francis Avenue
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Fax: (904) 241-7810

Administrative Services

Guy Cuddihee President & CEO (904) 595-5791
Debbie Jones Chief Operating Officer &
Chief Financial Officer
(904) 595-5792
Mary Anne Christensen Development Director (904) 595-5794
Kyle Murray Finance and Administration Manager (904) 595-5799
Sarah Jared Community Relations Manager (904) 595-5793
Sandy Golding Development Administrator (904) 595-5803
Kamie Hall Office Administrator (904) 595-5809
Taryn Stevens AmeriCorps*National
Volunteer Services Coordinator
(904) 595-5806


Education and Family Services

Joyce Freeman Family Services Director (904) 595-5797
Jacqueline Draper Education Director (904) 595-5802
Sue Goebertus Education Director (904) 595-5801
Marcus Thomas Education Manager (904) 595-5800
Jelisa Jackson After School Program Assistant
Lisa Williams AmeriCorps*National
Community Outreach Coordinator
(904) 595-5807
Martha Shafer AmeriCorps*VISTA
Project Development Coordinator
(904) 595-5808


Construction Services

Josh Jared Construction Director (904) 334-1201
Brigid Barrett Construction Site Supervisor
Bo Bender Construction Site Supervisor
Daniel Forsythe Construction Site Supervisor
Bianca Muff Construction Site Supervisor
Bob Meador Warehouse Manager
Eric Butler AmeriCorps*National
Construction Crew Leader
Pete Havens AmeriCorps*National
Construction Crew Leader
Rudy Hawkes AmeriCorps*National
Construction Crew Leader
Paul Thorley AmeriCorps*National
Construction Crew Leader
Aida Washburn AmeriCorps*National
Construction Crew Leader

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