New Home Construction

Beaches Habitat homes are constructed through one of a number of different Build programs, all of which involve a collaboration between Beaches Habitat, sponsor organizations, a Habitat partner family, and volunteers. As such, a “Build” is a partnership of community members, just like you, joining together to share in the goal of eliminating substandard housing.

At Beaches Habitat, the typical Build is referred to as a Partnership Build in which the sponsor organization is generally a business entity or church group. Volunteers that work on a Partnership Build often consist of employees or congregation members of the sponsor organization, along with many of Beaches Habitat’s individual volunteers. Each participant in a Build contributes a different resource to a project. The sponsor contributes funds or an in-kind donation to provide for the materials necessary to build the home. Volunteers contribute the labor needed to build the home. Each adult in the selected Habitat Homeowner family is required to contribute “sweat equity”, working side-by-side with volunteers to complete the home. Beaches Habitat oversees the project, providing planning, coordination and supervision. Together these resources provide the key ingredients required to transform a vision of ending substandard housing into reality.

All that’s missing is you!  So come on and get involved in a Build – click here to become a Beaches Habitat volunteer today! If you, or your organization, would like to learn more about being a sponsor, visit our Contact Us page and ask

Beaches Habitat also employs a number of specialized Build programs. These programs are tailored to the specific objectives of certain sponsor and volunteer groups. For example, in the Beaches Habitat “Women Build” program the majority of the volunteers are women.

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