Construction Progress – July 2020

In the last few weeks, Beaches Habitat has been able to open back up to a small number of volunteers. Under new circumstances and with lots of caution, the construction site is learning its new normal.

To those who have been waiting patiently to return to build, please know that we can’t wait to have you back. We miss the Saturday mornings filled with people! Thank you for sticking with us as we work out the date for safely increasing our capacity.

To those who have been able and willing to return to build, we are so grateful for the extra hands. It has been hot and certainly uncomfortable as we get used to wearing masks but your engagement on site has been instrumental to the progress that’s been made. Thank you.

2605 & 2607 Haywood Estates

These two builds are starting to take the shape of homes. In July, volunteers helped our team to build out the front and back porches; our friends at Gator Drywall did a great job getting the interior ready for painting; and future homeowners have made their flooring, cabinet, and countertop selections. In the coming month, the final pieces of siding will be installed and painted, finishing up the exterior of the homes, and our focus will turn to the interior – lights, floors, cabinets, trim, etc..

2611 & 2613 Haywood Estates

In July, with the sun shining down on their backs, the team completed the installation of the roof. It was hot work! The building has been wrapped with weather shield, the exterior doors are in place, and most of the windows are installed. If you drive by and notice that a few windows are missing, don’t worry! We usually wait to install a window in each home so that we are able to lift sheetrock up and in, instead of having to carry the heavy material up the stairs. In the coming month, we will install siding, start taking down scaffolding, and begin the build out of the front porches.

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